The 10.30 meeting at Moulton is our largest meeting. We usually number around 130 adults and about 60 children.

We run a creche every Sunday for young children. There is an audio visual link for parents to follow the service.

The children stay in with us for the first 15 minutes of the service to enjoy a fun kids’ spot and song. There are high quality kids groups for ages 3-11 for the rest of the service over in the Church Centre.

We use some liturgy at 10.30 and there is a mixture of old and new songs led by a music group.

The heart of the meeting is a 20-25 minute expository sermon usually working through a book of the Bible.

Refreshments are served at the back of the church after the service. So please stay and chat to each other about anything that you have just heard in the service; Or join our prayer team in the prayer area if you feel moved to pray for yourselves or others.

Come and join us!